ScholarNet in 2020: By the Numbers

ScholarNet Blog Articles | January 26, 2021

The ScholarNet team reviews 2020, summing up a year of unimaginable change for financial aid and higher education – by the numbers.

Let’s start with these numbers: They say hindsight is 20/20. In an absurd twist of fate, 2020 brought more change than we ever could have foreseen when the year began.

But we’ve weathered the storm together. So, as the year winds down, let’s look at what the ScholarNet team has shared with you.


The number of LinkedIn posts we’ve shared on our ScholarNet LinkedIn channel. If you haven’t been following us on LinkedIn, make a resolution to start in 2021. We’d love for you to find our ScholarNet group, and start joining the conversation.


The number of blog posts we shared on ScholarNet Central in 2020. We try to provide a variety – from how-to blogs or those that provide financial aid resources to professional development topics to case studies and thought leadership pieces. Plus, we keep you updated on ScholarNet® and FastChoice™ through our blogs.


As a duo, ScholarNet and FastChoice will be turning 22 in ‘21 – but ScholarNet has roots that go back to the early ‘90s. We’re excited for you to see the new ScholarNet customer experience that’s slated to launch in spring 2021 because we’re using real, critical user feedback to guide the technology revamp.


The number of webinars we hosted this year. These online trainings are led by our ScholarNet reps to help you learn how to more effectively use ScholarNet and FastChoice for private loan processing. Attended by current and prospective users, they’re a great chance for you to learn from each other. Learn more and join us for one in 2021.


The number of recipes shared by ScholarNet team members over two blogs each in our Summer and our Fall Recipe Series. We had fun collecting and sharing recipes – and we hope you enjoyed trying them out, too.


The number of blogs dedicated just to fun and distraction. In addition to our four Recipe Series blogs, we posted things like a collection of fun facts about higher ed. Our Win From Home Giveaway drawing for those who sent a photo of their home office. A blog that shared some eclectic first jobs held by the ScholarNet team. Plus, you got to know the ScholarNet team much better when they shared Spotify playlist faves and their favorite podcasts.


The number of ScholarNet team members (or duos) spotlighted in this year’s blog posts. From new reps to Care Team, marketing, and creative team members, we wanted you to get to know us better.


The number of conferences we attended before conferences began changing over to virtual events to help us all minimize the spread of COVID. (By comparison, in 2019, we attended 35 conferences in 26 states.) We missed those opportunities to see you in person, network, and convene with friends and colleagues in 2020.


The number of articles devoted just to COVID and its impact on you and your students.


The number of new ScholarNet reps we welcomed this year. While Amy Gerber and Carin Kruger were new reps, each of them brought tons of financial aid and ScholarNet experience to our team and customers.


Together, we’ve made it through one of the craziest years of the modern era for not just our country, but our world. We’ve thanked you multiple times this year. One last time, though, we applaud your grit, flexibility, caring, and the incredible support you offer to the students and families you support.

Count On Us

While we know your job is so greater than just private student loans, we at ScholarNet are more than just your colleagues who support you with private loan solutions. We’re your team – here with knowledge, expertise, understanding, and support you can count on at any time.



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