ScholarNet for Schools

Automate Private Loan Certification and Disbursement

ScholarNet is a proven, lender-neutral private student loan processing solution that automates loan certification and disbursement. It instantly connects you with every major private student loan provider and their loan programs. With our outstanding service, many of our customers come for the technology – and stay for the people. Learn more about the ScholarNet Difference.


How ScholarNet Helps You

Simplifies and Saves Time

ScholarNet electronically manages all student loan processes for you – and automatically creates a roster of all private student loan lenders to simplify electronic disbursement and return of funds.

Covers Your Bases

ScholarNet is fully CommonLine-compliant. Flagging errors before you submit them, informing you when you have tasks to complete, creating audit trails – everything you need, before you need it.

Flexible and Easy to Use

ScholarNet is compatible with all major school information systems. You can also easily customize SmartSearches, and set and modify day of week preferences for loan disbursements.

What ScholarNet Does

By automatically managing loan data to keep loan application, certification and disbursement on track, ScholarNet gives you more time to help students and complete other tasks.

Flags Errors

ScholarNet flags keying errors and CommonLine compliancy errors before you submit student loan information for smoother, faster processing.

Notifies You of Tasks

You can stop checking to see what you need to do next. ScholarNet automatically emails you when new private loan data is received or when you need to complete a certification task.

Allows Easy Customized Searching

This feature displays information you need when you need it. You can also automatically display results for several of the most common search queries.

Simplifies and Customizes Disbursement

Compile information from hundreds of private student loan providers into a single roster for simple disbursement. Adjust disbursements and set preferences based on your school’s needs.

  • With a single student loan roster, return of funds is simple, too.
  • Set preferences to pause, suspend, modify, or set day of week for loan disbursements.

Provides Easily Accessible Reports

Choose from a wide variety of certification, transaction, and loan disbursement reports that can be delivered to a report inbox by subscription or on-demand. You don’t even need a report to view an application’s history – you’ll find an easy-to-read audit trail with date, time, and user stamp for each activity right within ScholarNet.

Communicates with Your FAMS

Communicates with Your FAMS

ScholarNet accepts CommonLine files from your Financial Aid Management System (FAMS), which streamlines your processing and saves you time.

You can use the Import/Export feature to extract certifications from your FAMS. This process allows you to import response and disbursement files received from loan providers back into your FAMS.