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It takes all of us—schools, lenders, and other agencies—working together as a team to help students and their families pay for higher education. Think of ScholarNet® as a network that connects us and delivers streamlined financial aid.

Why We’ve Succeeded

Since 1999, ScholarNet and FastChoice™ have been securely automating private loan selection, student education, certification, and disbursement. Hundreds of schools and lenders have been drawn to our innovative technology and technical expertise—and stayed for the outstanding service and care team provided by our team.

We make it easy to get started and set up our solutions so that, however your office works, ScholarNet works with you. The end result is private loan processing on auto-pilot. Our representatives know your needs may change, so we check in regularly to make tweaks to the way you use our solutions.

Why We’re Building a Forum

Sharing what we’ve learned about education financing with each other helps us all do better. MyScholarNet.com brings together people, resources, and solutions that help us all solve common challenges we share.

Backed By Higher Ed Expertise

People with expertise working on technology solutions for higher education helped build and improve ScholarNet to meet the needs of users, based on their feedback. Today, ScholarNet and FastChoice customers who call our Care Team or their dedicated representative with a question reach someone who has worked with our solutions for years.

In fact, most ScholarNet team members have also worked in or with financial aid for years – if not decades – so we understand the challenges you face. In addition to offering resources such as free webinars and articles to help make private loan processing the easiest part of your day, we provide further resources on ScholarNet Central to help make other parts of your job easier.

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We’re here to answer all of your questions and support your use of ScholarNet and FastChoice. For help, contact your ScholarNet representative or our expert Care Team.

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