FastChoice for Lenders

Build Easy Private Loan Selections

FastChoice is a free online private student loan selection, disclosure, and student education tool that helps you manage all of your loan programs in one place. Our user-friendly website lets students learn about student loans, easily compare loan programs to meet their needs, and understand terms and conditions—all while creating a positive first impression of you.


How FastChoice Helps You

Saves You Time

Writing student loan content for prospective customers is quick and easy – simply create loan programs and indicate if you’re offering a loan consolidation program.

Presents Your Loans Accurately

With FastChoice, you’ll know your loans make a positive, accurate first impression – making it easy for customers to compare loans online.

Free and Fully Supported by Us

FastChoice helps you manage your student loan programs in one place. It’s free, easy to get set up, and fully supported by our team.

What FastChoice Does

Our free private loan selection, disclosure, and student education tool lets you manage loan programs so you can better serve schools and students.

Allows Student Loan Setup Flexibility

Each time you add a new loan program, you can indicate interest rates, fees, optional links to an application and disclosures, and more. It’s easy to deactivate and reactivate loans you create.

Allows You to Rank Loan Products

You decide how your loan options display to borrowers – alphabetically, by product name, or in a custom order that you set.

Pair Your Loans and Schools

A simple interface lets you assign a loan product to a school or add schools to a loan product you’ve created. Either way, it’s easy to manage your products and schools.

Supports Schools and Students

Help your students understand your products – and their finances – and allow them to build decision-making skills for a more successful financial future. FastChoice is a winner with both schools and student users because it’s flexible and supported.

School users have options for displaying lender lists, a customizable disclosure, and two configurable financial literacy education flows.