FastChoice for Schools

Private Loan Selection and Student Education

FastChoice displays loan options for your students with clear, consistent information on a user-friendly website, and allows you to easily customize private loan selection, disclosure, and student education to meet your school’s needs. Best of all, FastChoice is free and fully supported by Great Lakes.


How FastChoice Helps You

Easy for You to Use

With easy configuration for all three components—private loan selection, disclosure, and student education—FastChoice works the way you need it to, not vice versa.

Easy for Students to Use

Lenders provide accurate loan program details in a format that makes it easy for students to compare on a website that matches your school’s branding.

Offers Online Student Education

Students receive only the user-friendliest private loan online education components you choose. And you save time with fewer one-on-one loan counseling sessions.

What FastChoice Does

FastChoice does everything well when it comes to private loan selection, disclosure, and student education. Customize FastChoice to work the way you do, and save valuable time.

Offers Lender List Options

FastChoice’s flexible functionality allows you to display either a preferred or a historical lender list that your students can use to compare their private loan options.

Caters to Your Audience

A school-branded FastChoice homepage and user-friendly administrative portal help you create unique flows tailored to your student groups, such as medical or law students, to meet their needs.

Educates Current Students

Have current students explore their private loan options at the same time they learn about finances. Share as much as you want of FastChoice’s Borrowing Essentials online education flow to help students better understand the impact of the loans they borrow.

Educates Exiting Students

Opt to provide online assistance to students who are exploring loan repayment and consolidation, using all or part of our Repayment Essentials education flow.