Meet the ScholarNet Team

Since 1999, we’ve been delivering successful loan processing to you and the students we serve together. Our ScholarNet team is a large reason for that success! These self-starters have positive attitudes, team spirit, and share a commitment to constantly improving the customer experience. They each provide specialized expertise and enthusiasm for ScholarNet that we’re confident you’ll find infectious.

With more combined years of experience than we can count, our team has seen pretty much everything, and we simply don’t get fazed. We thrive on helping you get and keep private loan processing on auto-pilot so you can focus on other tasks that come your way.

Here they are.


Brett Lindquist

Managing Director

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Mike Mutziger

Vice President, Marketing and Sales

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Gwen Yancey

Manager, Customer Care

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Lindsay Sanderson

Manager, Marketing

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Sales & Marketing

Diane Borchardt

Senior Marketing Associate

(888) 502-5905

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Biz Daniel

Senior Marketing Associate

(888) 258-1792

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Matt Lehmann

Senior Marketing Associate

(877) 500-0131

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Heather Tapia

Senior Marketing Associate

(877) 882-4522

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Renola Swoboda

Senior Social Media Specialist

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Angela Wheaten

Marketing Specialist

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Customer Support

Jenny Kaluva

Customer Care Advocate

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Lisa Valentine

Customer Care Advocate

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Ron Williams

Product Support

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We’re here to answer all your questions and support your use of ScholarNet and FastChoice. For help, contact your Great Lakes representative or give our team of experts in Customer Care a call at (888) 686-6919.

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“Our transition to these Great Lakes products could not have went smoother! I cannot say enough about how attentive, supportive and thorough our Great Lakes Support Team has been during and after our implementation!”

- Stacy Briggs, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Clemson University