Our Commitment to Lender Neutrality

The ScholarNet suite of products plays a very important role in private loan processes used by our school and lender customers—and we strongly believe in providing the same high level of service to all parties. ScholarNet is committed to providing lender-neutral solutions to help you expedite private loan processing.

What does this mean?

We’re contractually obligated to maintain neutrality in our presentation of lenders and loan programs and our protection of data. We do this in several ways.

  • Lenders make schools eligible for loan programs and write the content they display in FastChoice, setting the impression borrowers have of their organization and programs.
  • Schools choose to scope any of the eligible lenders and loan programs they want made available to their students in FastChoice.
  • All of the data used in our FastChoice and ScholarNet solutions is segregated to protect each school and lender user. Users are unable to view private and confidential business or personal data unless they are a school scoping a loan program or a lender creating a loan program for a particular school or set of schools.
  • Access for ScholarNet employees to help you in configuring our solutions is tightly controlled to protect confidential data for our schools, lenders, and the borrowers they serve. The ScholarNet support team only has access to the information they need in order to provide customer support that is appropriate to their role within ScholarNet.
  • You are responsible for updating access roles for individuals at your institution on an annual basis to protect confidential data and your use of our FastChoice and ScholarNet solutions.

What do our ScholarNet suite solutions do?

We identified a need for schools and lenders to work closely to help borrowers access private loan funds through a secure connection. This offered an opportunity for us to create tools that connect these school and lender systems.

Our ScholarNet suite of solutions benefits from our team’s experience working in a heavily regulated industry with highly sensitive information. We take a great deal of pride in remaining compliant and protecting the interests of all of our various customers, with all of our products, solutions, and services.