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Private loan processing requires the secure exchange of private data and close communication between a student’s school financial aid office and lenders. Imagine tracking all of that information manually! Surprisingly, it still happens that way—but not for schools and lenders that use our solutions.

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ScholarNet is an online private loan certification and disbursement solution that reduces errors, saves time, protects data, and streamlines processing to efficiently get students the funds they need to access and stay in school. It instantly connects any participating CommonLine-compliant school, service provider, or FAMS with hundreds of private loan providers and their loan programs. All of this convenient website access is fully supported by an experienced ScholarNet team.

For Schools

From certification through disbursement, automate and manage private loan data quickly, securely, and without errors.

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For Lenders

Smoothly manage the online exchange of private student loan data with school partners, using a lender-neutral tool.

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FastChoice is an online private loan selection tool popular with schools and lenders. With flexible loan selection, loan disclosure, and student education options, FastChoice helps students understand their loan obligation. Schools choose to scope lenders by a preferred or historical lender list and provide loan programs on a user-friendly portal that makes it easy for students to compare their options. Lenders can quickly create and display accurate loan programs for multiple schools. Add support from the entire ScholarNet team—and everyone’s a winner.

For Schools

Select and display private loan programs on a school-branded site that helps students compare, choose, and understand their loans.

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For Lenders

Easily create, manage, and display loan programs for schools and students with a lender-neutral loan selection and education tool.

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Articles | January 14, 2020

The ScholarNet team will be at many upcoming conferences this spring, and we look forward to being there, talking about how financial aid will be changing in 2020 and beyond.

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Powered by Great Lakes, ScholarNet and FastChoice are secure, compliant solutions that streamline private loan processing and make your job easier. Since 1999, hundreds of schools and lenders have turned to us for our technical expertise, customer service and support, and attention to evolving needs.

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