What’s in Our Free Webinar Sessions?

ScholarNet Blog Articles | February 28, 2023

For financial aid professionals who are considering using ScholarNet® or FastChoice™, signing up for a free training is a great way to learn how the features of our private loan processing solutions work – all in a low-stress environment. Just as often, though, you’ll find people who have recently started using ScholarNet or FastChoice – or long-time users who need a refresher – enrolled in the free, one-hour webinar.

Learn more about what to expect.

Who leads the trainings?

One of our ScholarNet representatives walks through either ScholarNet or FastChoice, depending on which session you attend.

What topics are covered in the ScholarNet training session?

The training covers ScholarNet from A to Z, including topics such as:

  • Demonstrating the ScholarNet dashboard and what each of the icons represent.
  • Accessing reports.
  • Creating on-demand reports or report subscriptions.
  • Setting up communication preferences and email notifications.
  • Exploring step-by-step certification options and steps.
  • Making and submitting loan changes.
  • Processing refunds.
  • Setting up application defaults.
  • Understanding SmartSearch features.
  • Creating SmartSearches.
  • Exploring import/export and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) features and options.

What topics are covered in the FastChoice training session?

This training provides all you need to know about:

  • The borrower experience, including financial literacy/private loan counseling features.
  • Customization of your FastChoice website using your school logo and school-branded colors, along with your school contact information and links.
  • Creating custom views specific to borrower type (i.e. undergraduate, health professional, law, etc.).
  • Overview of required disclosures.
  • Options for borrower filtering.
  • Available FastChoice reports.
  • Lender neutrality.

We receive positive feedback from participants that our webinars help them learn more about our solutions’ different features and how they can be used to process private loans most efficiently. In this low-key environment, you can feel free to ask questions.

Whether you’re new to ScholarNet, considering one of our solutions, or just want to learn more, sign up today.