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ScholarNet Blog Articles | December 10, 2019

A Look Back at ScholarNet 2019

With the holidays fast approaching, you’ve probably heard enough of calling birds and French hens since November 1. But the ScholarNet team thought some other interesting numbers and facts might be interesting as the year winds down. Here’s a look back at 2019.


The number of LinkedIn posts we’ve shared on our ScholarNet LinkedIn channel. You haven’t been following us on LinkedIn? Find our ScholarNet group, and start joining the conversation. We know you’re busy, but one of our resolutions is to get you engaging with us more in the New Year.


The total number of blog posts (including this one!) that we’ve shared on ScholarNet Central. We offer fresh content every week on topics from professional development to thought leadership and how-to posts, and from updates on ScholarNet and FastChoice to success stories and social media tips.


The number of state, regional, and national conferences the ScholarNet team attended this year. As you know, these events are a great place to connect with your peers and find out what’s new, what’s working, and what challenges your colleagues face.


The number of states in which ScholarNet team members attended conferences this year. Did we visit your state this fall, for example? If so, did you talk with us? Look for us again in spring.


At the close of 2019, ScholarNet and FastChoice will enter the 21st year of their existence (although ScholarNet’s roots go all the way back to the early 90’s). Unlike other 21-year-olds you may know, our solutions are effective, efficient, innovative, and reliable.


The number of webinars we hosted this year. We launched this new feature in May to help current and prospective users of ScholarNet and FastChoice learn how to more effectively use our solutions—and our free webinars have enjoyed steady attendance. Interested in learning more?


The number of team members we’ve profiled in videos in 2019. Learn more about Rob Boisen, Ron Williams, Gwen Yancey, and Mike Mutziger. Watch for this special feature to continue in 2020.


The number of letters written and posted by ScholarNet’s own Mike Mutziger. Here was his inaugural letter, and this was an update he sent about the new FastChoice. Mike’s letters to our customers will continue to be a regular feature in 2020 as he likes to keep you informed about changes in financial aid and private loan processing, with our ScholarNet team, and our solutions for you.


This summer, the ScholarNet team attended a Minnesota Twins baseball game as a group outing. Trust us when we say that there was a lot of bonding, laughs, and great brainstorming about how to continue to provide great service to you while we improve and support our solutions!

Counting Our Colleagues

We’re glad to count you among our colleagues, and we wish you a safe holiday season and happy New Year!

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