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A Letter from Mike: What Does a New Look and Feel for FastChoice Mean?

Product News / ScholarNet Blog Articles | October 8, 2019

Mike Talks About the New FastChoice

Hello, again!

My last post was in regards to ScholarNet and its bright future as your premier private loan processing tool. We are excited to announce an update to FastChoice! While it will continue to deliver clear, consistent, and user-friendly loan information to your borrowers, it’s getting a new look and feel to provide an even better experience.

If you’re like me, you’re now asking, what does a new look and feel mean? Good question! The first thing you will notice is the white space we have implemented to create a cleaner look and flow to FastChoice. As part of that process, we have de-emphasized the prominent FastChoice branding and created opportunities for schools to make it more their own. The banner can now be customized to highlight school colors, or schools can pick from a light or dark neutral.

We have also softened the contrasting colors that were part of FastChoice—gone are the burnt orange and teal colors! Instead, we’re introducing blue and grey tones to soften the contrast and overall look of the pages, all the while maintaining Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for color variance. These changes tie together to create a fresh, modern design and experience that borrowers have come to expect in their digital worlds.

FastChoice is an integral part of the private loan world for schools and borrowers. Without a tool to provide consistent and organized lender information, borrowers would be left on their own to search for loan options. Search for “private student loans” and see what comes up—170 million results and many paid advertisements. It’s no wonder that financing higher education, in particular the private loan options, can be overwhelming. Information overload can cloud the process and leave many families feeling helpless if they have unmet needs. FastChoice alleviates the confusion.

On the school side, providing a lender list can be just as daunting. The flexibility within FastChoice allows schools to decide the flow that borrowers use when accessing private loan options. School options on borrower education, disclosures, and display make it the perfect private loan selection tool.

Whatever your needs and preferences are for private loan selection, FastChoice is the answer. These enhancements only make it easier to choose. We’re happy to continue to partner with you and provide you with the best private loan processing solutions, and we look forward to many future changes to continue to respond to your needs. Be on the look-out for an updated lender selection process and enhanced borrower education options next.


Mike Mutziger
Vice President, Marketing and Sales