Productivity Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

ScholarNet Blog Articles | July 23, 2019

Looking to Be More Productive? There’s an App for That.

Whether it’s organizing your notes or spending less time in your inbox, there are lots of apps and tools designed to help you work smarter, not harder. We’ve rounded up our top picks to help you save time and boost your efficiency.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Check out these tools to help your team work together more seamlessly.


Slack is a collaboration hub you can use to communicate with your teammates and share information. You can use different channels to help you organize conversations and content by topic to make sure everyone is on the same page in real time.


Need a secure way to access and share files with your team? Dropbox may be just the ticket. Featuring folders made specifically for team sharing, Dropbox also offers the option to password-protect your files or grant temporary access in order to maintain security.

Google Drive

Help your team harness the power of the cloud with Google Drive. This tool makes it easy for users to share, store, and access files. Plus, it integrates nicely with Microsoft Office and other tools, making it a great addition to what you’re already working with.

All the News You Can Use

Keep current events close at hand.


If you’ve ever wished you could pull in news from lots of different sources in one place, Pocket is the app for you. It allows you to save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app. You can even curate your own space and fill it with articles on any topic you desire. With Pocket, you can also listen to content and access it offline when it’s convenient for you.

Ahead of Your Time

Get a head start on your time-saving efforts with these resources.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is like having your high school English teacher on speed dial. Simply enter your text, and the tool will let you know where and how you can improve your writing—it’s even color-coded to help you identify issues easily at a glance.


Sometimes, the first step is to admit you don’t know where to start. With RescueTime, you can get a better understanding of your daily habits so you can make changes and focus on being productive. The app runs securely in the background while you work and tracks how much time you spend on certain tasks. Then, it provides a report to let you know how you’re doing. Once you see where you can improve, you can use it to set timers for certain tasks, or block out websites that could distract you from staying on target.


These days, there’s a password for everything. LastPass can help you simplify with a secure point of entry that gives each employee their own vault for storing all the app and web logins they use. Then, credentials are autofilled securely in order to keep your workflow going without interruption.

Get It All Together

Find a way to keep your digital world neat and tidy with these apps.


Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun and flexible way. Whether it’s for work or a side project, Trello can help your team stay organized. You can add comments, attachments, and due dates in order to collaborate on projects from beginning to end.


Taking notes by hand is so last century. With Evernote, you can take notes anywhere, share information and ideas quickly, and manage to-do lists all in one convenient spot. You can even take voice memos to help you get that big idea down before you forget.

Looking to Save Even More Time?

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