FastChoice Offers Students Easy Private Loan Selection

Product News / ScholarNet Blog Articles | April 30, 2020

Comparing private student loans by criteria that matter to them is easier than ever for students with the enhanced FastChoice.

FastChoiceTM offers a better customer experience than ever before for student loan borrowers seeking the best private student loan for their situation – thanks to recent enhancements we’ve made.

Offering an exceptional customer experience to the financial aid professionals we partner with is always a top priority for us. But in the end, everything we do in working together is to help students easily access funds they need for education and pay them back successfully.

So the customer experience for student loan borrowers using FastChoice – the only ScholarNet offering with a borrower-facing component – is also a big deal for us. For our latest FastChoice enhancement, we gathered feedback from student loan borrowers about the specific types of information that were most important to them when selecting a private student loan. Here’s what we learned – and how we enhanced FastChoice to address it.

How Students Compare Loans and Lenders

Of course a loan’s interest rate is important to students when they’re choosing private student loans for college. But students also know that repayment is affected by the loan term, and whether the loan is a fixed or variable rate. The grace period length also matters to student loan borrowers, who want to know when they’ll have to start repaying their loans. With the enhanced FastChoice, student loan borrowers can filter and search for loans using all of these criteria as they find the best loans for their situation.

Improving the User Experience

While our designers were making changes to FastChoice, they updated the comparison tool, modernizing its flow to match experiences students have come to expect with online tools. The design and user experience has been optimized and smart-sized for viewing on any platform – essential for a better experience by the many student loan borrowers using the tool on their mobile devices. Lastly, the tool has a refreshed look and feel.

Take Another Look

Asking for user feedback and making enhancements to ScholarNet products has played an important role in the success we’ve had in gaining and retaining loyal customers over the past 20 years. If you’re not one of those loyal customers, consider giving FastChoice and ScholarNet another look. Brand loyalty isn’t something you always see these days, but our private loan processing solutions evolve to continue to serve our customers well. Best of all, they’re supported by experienced representatives and a Care Team who know ScholarNet solutions like the back of their hand and understand the challenges you face.

You don’t have to listen to us, though. Visit, see what our customers have to say about us, and learn how ScholarNet and FastChoice have made a difference for them. If you’re interested in learning more or getting started, reach out to your representative.

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