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Simplifying Private Loan Processing, Today and Every Day.

In the midst of your busy workday, there’s ScholarNet – a time-saving solution with updated workflows and a user-friendly interface that’s flexible enough to automate private loan certification and disbursement, your way. Thousands of schools and lenders rely on ScholarNet’s secure technology and caring, expert support to simplify private loan processing – freeing them to juggle other important tasks.

Simplify and Save Time

ScholarNet aggregates loan data from all lenders to certify, disburse, and return funds quickly for seamless processing between lender partners and the financial aid and bursar’s offices. Choose manual processing, importing/exporting your files, or automated import/export. No matter what, you’ll have fast, accurate disbursements.

Nelnet Campus Commerce helps schools simplify disbursements and refunds when working with multiple lenders.
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Work Smarter

Let us help you work smarter, freeing up time for other important tasks. ScholarNet:

  • Flags errors before you submit loan information.
  • Automatically creates audit trails to save you time.
  • Emails you when you have loans to certify or tasks to perform.
  • Allows you to use easy built-in or customized SmartSearches.
  • Offers day of the week reporting preferences and on-demand report options

Get the Support You Deserve

Our team understands the challenges you face – and their experience averages well over a decade of working with ScholarNet. You’ll get the caring support you deserve and the expertise you need to work efficiently.

  • Our expert Care Team works with your dedicated ScholarNet rep to get things set up, staying in contact to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • We gather user feedback to improve our service and solutions.
  • Use just ScholarNet® - or add FastChoice™ for private loan selection and student education, too.
  • Learn product tips and tricks in free webinars led by our experts – and explore reporting options, the import/export feature, and more.


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