Campus Safety Tips for Students & Staff

White Paper | February 18, 2020

How to Stay Safe on Campus

During the academic year, college campuses can be some of the busiest places around. When your institution is in session, here’s a few ways that you – and your students – can stay safe.

Keep valuable items on hand.

If you’re carrying keys, a wallet, or other important items, keep them close by at all times. Store items in pockets, bags, or purses to keep them safe while you’re walking around campus.

Don’t walk alone at night.

Whether you’re on-campus or downtown, use the buddy system as often as you can. Many institutions offer escort programs through campus security or local police departments – if so, use them!

Use locks whenever you can.

Whenever you leave your car or dorm room, lock them. Keep any valuables in your room (and in a safe, hidden space). Don’t keep any valuables in your car – even after locking it. Bike to campus? Find a secure location to store your bike (ideally a bike rack) and use a bike lock.

Know where to get help.

If your institution has campus security or partners with local police, store their contact information in your phone. Some institutions even offer escort programs for late-night walks.

Sign up for security alerts.

Text and email alerts are one way that institutions can stay in contact with their students and staff. If you haven’t already, look into setting up an alert system on your campus.

When online, don’t overshare.

Statistics about online crimes. Make sure your social media accounts are as private as possible. Think about the potential messages your posts send – if you’re uploading vacation photos, you’re letting everyone know that you aren’t home.

Be cautious online.

Try to avoid using public Wi-Fi whenever possible. And when you’re on campus, never leave your laptop unlocked when you’re not using it. Even a few seconds away from it opens you up to serious threats.

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