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ScholarNet’s Customer Service, Ease-of-Use Key for Whitworth University

For Whitworth University, a series of bumpy experiences lead them to realize their private loan processing solution just wasn’t working. After hearing about a better private loan processing experience at conferences, Whitworth made the change to ScholarNet® four years ago. The result? “We went from certifying loans a couple of times each week because it took a while to complete, to being able to certify loans daily, because it is so much easier and quicker,” said Assistant Director Lori Johnson.

Support From the Start

Whitworth decided on ScholarNet after speaking to a knowledgeable representative at an industry conference—and that was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. When asked about their choice to partner with ScholarNet, Lori mentioned “great customer service” time and time again. “I like knowing that someone is there for a quick answer. The response has always been quick when needed for our students,” she said.

Saving Time and Effort

In addition to customer service, ease-of-use was an important factor Whitworth considered when selecting a private loan processing solution. Lori said they were looking for a solution with just one place to go to get things done. ScholarNet’s single point of access for managing loan data was a perfect fit. According to Lori, even making the switch to ScholarNet was a breeze. “Once we were set up, it was a super easy transition.”

ScholarNet’s a Standout

After working with ScholarNet for 4 years, Whitworth can feel good about trading a less-intuitive and slower navigation experience with their previous solution to smooth sailing with ScholarNet. For schools facing similar issues with their current private loan processing efforts, Lori has this to say about ScholarNet: “I can’t imagine there is another product that would provide the same level of service.”

Interested in learning more about streamlining private loans at your school? Contact your representative to discuss your needs. If you have a story to share about how you’re using ScholarNet or FastChoice™ to simplify private loan processing, email us.

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