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Clemson University Case Study

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Clemson University Delivers Faster Service to Students with Help from ScholarNet

When Clemson University’s financial aid office found themselves in the market for a provider to centralize and streamline their loan management interfaces and processes, they found exactly what they needed with ScholarNet®, FastChoice™, and the ScholarNet team, said Stacy Briggs, Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid.

Seeking a Solution

Stacy knew the office wanted to integrate a new lender selection tool with an educational default management component for the school’s 23,000+ enrolled students—and their default management provider had lost their funding—so it was a perfect time to look around. “We really wanted to centralize all of our processes and be able to focus primarily on a single system or service provider. However, we also wanted to ensure high quality services and school support, as we handle a large volume of student loan processing,” emphasized Stacy.

The school’s ScholarNet team member is active in state associations. Stacy was acquainted with her, and familiar with the various services ScholarNet offers. Said Stacy, “The ScholarNet products we have considered seem to be very robust, the most user-friendly, and include exactly what we need.”

Making the Switch

“We had a dedicated team to work with during the implementation,” said Stacy, noting that they were able to transition their processes and implement with ScholarNet in less than two weeks. She added that her ScholarNet rep provided their demos and coordinated the implementation once Clemson made their decision.

Stacy appreciated that they received direct technical support from the ScholarNet team that was “spot on with meeting our CommonLine setup needs and preferences,” and additional setup support and excellent customer training was provided by a Care Team member, who has continued to be Clemson’s primary contact for support needs. Noted Stacy, “What a great team!”

Seeing the Benefit

Stacy said that partnering with ScholarNet has “allowed us to improve our responsiveness to our student’s financial needs by improving our loan processing services and turnaround time… We receive our response files by 7 a.m., and we’re able to run our upload processes first thing every morning. Previously, the timing of receiving our response files created a day delay in our upload time ability.”

The benefits are not contained to just students, though. “The products are robust, user friendly, and allow us to process our private loans faster… Additionally, ScholarNet provides free training and professional development resources via webinars, articles, videos and a newsletter. Our staff takes advantage of these great opportunities.”

Delivering the Verdict

Without hesitation, it seems Stacy would recommend ScholarNet to other schools considering a change to simplify private loan processing. When asked, Stacy offered an enthusiastic, “Do it! You’ll like the user-friendly interface, you’ll appreciate the seamless functioning of the system, and you will be wowed by the dedicated support received from the always responsive, courteous and professional support staff.”

Wow. Thanks to you, too, Stacy. We appreciate your business!

Interested in learning more about streamlining private loans at your school? Contact your ScholarNet representative to discuss your needs. If you have a story to share about how you’re using ScholarNet or FastChoice to simplify private loan processing, email us.

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