Are You Using FastChoice To Its Maximum Potential?

ScholarNet Blog Articles | December 1, 2020

Schools can use FastChoice’s filter feature to more easily help their students find student loans that meet their needs.

Have you ever been approached by a student in your financial aid office who asked, “I have a past due private student loan balance – what loan program can I use?” and you thought, “I have no idea!” Years ago, the solution would have been to hop on the phone and call all your lender partners to ask if they had an applicable program.

It’s much easier today – at least for FastChoice™ users. Did you know that FastChoice will allow borrowers to identify loan programs that will fit their situation? Whether the student is less than half time, not meeting satisfactory academic progress (SAP), or other situations, using the filters in FastChoice will allow the student loan borrower to search for private student loan programs that meet their specific needs, such as financing a past-due balance.

After borrowers identify the list of student loan programs that will fit their circumstance, FastChoice will allow them to easily compare and contrast the options by showing them interest rates, loan terms, borrower benefits, and many other loan attributes. Once the borrower decides which student loan program they’d like to utilize, one click will take them to the loan application, where they can apply on the lender’s website.

FastChoice doesn’t just make it easy for your borrowers, though. It allows you to present lender-neutral content without any of the work of keeping the list up-to-date. It also provides the required disclosures – and saves you from worrying about updating this part of your website.

Learn More In Our Webinar

If you’d like a refresher on features or would even like to see FastChoice for the first time, we encourage you to register for one of our bi-monthly FastChoice training sessions. Join us (and other FastChoice users) as we walk through the ins and outs of this solution to help you use it more efficiently and effectively.

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