See How Holidays May Impact Your CDS Disbursements

ScholarNet Blog Articles | December 26, 2023

If your funds are disbursed through the Central Disbursement Service (CDS), a key feature of ScholarNet, you’re probably familiar with how federal holidays and office and bank closures can impact the timing of disbursements. Additionally, managing staff availability around these holidays can add another layer of complexity.

With ScholarNet, you have the flexibility to select the day of the week for your disbursements, and you can easily adjust this schedule to accommodate holidays and closures. We aim to simplify your planning process by providing calendars that clearly outline any changes related to holidays.

Stay Informed With the 2024 Holiday Disbursement Calendar

Explore our dedicated holiday disbursement calendar for both financial aid professionals and lender partners to understand and plan for your disbursement schedule.

Making Changes is Effortless

Should you have any questions or need to make adjustments to your regular day-of-week disbursement schedule, our expert Care Team is ready to assist you.

Contact us via email at or give us a call at 888.686.6919.

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