ScholarNet: A New Year, A New Us Coming In Spring 2021

ScholarNet Blog Articles | December 15, 2020

ScholarNet announces a planned visual refresh and improved workflow in spring 2021, with help from school user feedback and testing.

In spring 2021, we plan to launch a visual refresh to ScholarNet. For the many users who like the way ScholarNet works today – don’t worry – we’re keeping all of the functionality, while enhancing workflows to improve user experience.

Gathering User Feedback

As we regularly do at ScholarNet, we recently surveyed a number of ScholarNet users for feedback. (Thank you to all who participated.) Through this survey, we hoped to learn what you like about the product, how you use it – and how we can improve it.

Our survey showed that ScholarNet’s current customers are pleased with the current platform – but we’re excited to bring a more modern look to the tool. For those of you who like things the way they are, you’ll be happy to know that the spring 2021 version of ScholarNet will be retaining all the popular features you love.

We also received very useful, constructive feedback that’s helping to shape our new enhancements. Our visual refresh and modern design takes into account the features and data you use most within ScholarNet, creating more efficient workflows and a user-friendly experience.

Looking for Help With User Testing

As we continue to develop the new version of ScholarNet, we’ll be looking for users to engage in more in-depth user testing. Should you be interested, contact your rep for consideration.

Supporting the Transition

You all had great things to say about our customer service in the survey results – thank you. You can always rely on that support from ScholarNet. In the coming months, we’ll provide frequent updates on the status of the ScholarNet refresh. We’ll let you know more specifics about the upcoming changes and give you a sneak peek as we get closer to launch. And we’ll offer webinars to give you an opportunity to walk through the new tool with our reps.

We know your days are filled with many tasks besides processing private student loans. We’re excited that this new version of ScholarNet will continue to help streamline your process and save even more time in your busy day.

Not familiar with ScholarNet’s current capabilities? We invite you to attend a Features and Functionality webinar to learn more – or contact our team for information.

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