Experience Meets Representative in Lisa Valentine

ScholarNet Blog Articles | August 3, 2022

We work with representatives in all facets of our lives – and they come in different shapes and forms. When someone has been working in various roles with the solutions they represent for 21 years, you know you’ll get your questions answered.

It’s a rep’s personality and their way of interacting with customers that defines the relationship. If you’re assigned to work with our new but experienced ScholarNet® rep Lisa Valentine, rest assured you’ll enjoy not only her deep product knowledge, but her genuine interest in helping and getting to know her customers.

We asked Lisa a few questions to help you get to know her a little better.

Q: What did you do before working with ScholarNet?

Lisa Valentine: During college, I was a substitute preschool teacher for the Madison School District. I was hired through the temp-to-hire process. I began at Great Lakes on August 2, 1992, so I’ve been working here for 30 years. Where does time go? I started when I was 10, right?

Q: How long have you worked with Scholar and then ScholarNet – and with FastChoice™?

LV: I was in Borrower Services when ScholarNet was being created. I still remember the Great Lakes contest to name the product. I moved to Customer Services shortly after ScholarNet was created and, while I didn’t directly support ScholarNet, I did assist our schools with our products.

Q: How have you seen these solutions evolve?

LV: Schools and lenders I’ve worked with have provided feedback that has enhanced the products and our processes. In my Customer Relations role, I reached out to lenders yearly to obtain feedback that was used to improve our products.

Q: What different roles have you had working with financial aid professionals and/or private student loan providers?

LV: I started as a Borrower Services Representative. Then I was on the Borrower Services Mail Team, addressing borrower inquiries as well as inquiries from Congress, the Better Business Bureau, attorneys, and police. Then I moved to Customer Service in 2001.

While my job title changed several times, I’ve supported schools and lenders since then – with my work eventually becoming more specialized to supporting ScholarNet and FastChoice. Most recently, I was a ScholarNet Client Services Officer II with the ScholarNet Care Team.

Q: In your most recent position, what did you do – and what did you most enjoy?

LV: I addressed the more complicated issues. I tested CommonLine files with school and lender customers to ensure their files would load successfully to ScholarNet, and I addressed other CommonLine file issues. The thing I liked most about that role was helping people – solving challenges to help make their day easier.

Q: Why did you make the change to your new position?

LV: I was looking forward to the excitement of having more interactions with others. I’m hopeful that in my new role, I’ll be able to help customers find efficiencies in their private loan processing.

Q: How do you anticipate your past experience will help you as you work with schools as a ScholarNet rep?

LV: My vast knowledge of CommonLine and our products will come in handy to address school and lender questions and, hopefully, help schools find efficient ways to improve their private loan processing.

Q: If you didn’t work with ScholarNet, what would your dream job be?

LV: I’d be a counselor. Helping is just what I do. I’m there for people to help them solve challenges they face.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

LV: I love flower gardening. When I’m not doing that, you can find me crocheting baby blankets or baking wedding cakes for friends, too. I guess I really can’t help it – helping people is a big part of who I am.

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