ScholarNet: Customer-Friendly Meets User-Friendly

ScholarNet Blog Articles | January 12, 2021

With ScholarNet’s spring 2021 visual update, enhanced workflows add an improved user experience to unmatched customer service.

Since 1999, ScholarNet® has been known for offering efficient, simplified automation of private student loan processing for schools, lenders, and students – supported by caring, expert customer service unmatched in the industry.

With ScholarNet’s spring 2021 visual update, you’ll enjoy new, enhanced workflows and an improved user experience – that’s when customer-friendly meets user-friendly.


Delivering On Our User-Friendly Promise

We conducted user surveys to identify the features and data you use most often within ScholarNet to accomplish everyday tasks. Our visual update incorporates that information to create better, more efficient workflows, making it faster and easier for you to complete the private loan processing tasks you do every day.

To make sure we accomplish our goal of improving ScholarNet’s user experience, we’re also:

  • Conducting user-testing during development to ensure our changes are valuable improvements that make the tool easier to use.
  • Making design changes that modernize the look and feel of ScholarNet.
  • Retaining all of ScholarNet’s most popular features, such as offering a variety of options for automated processing, useful reports, timely email notifications, and more.

We’re also keeping the tool compliant with CommonLine standards – an essential feature for lenders who use ScholarNet.

What’s Next?

Unmatched communication and support is part of our customer-friendly experience.

  • Your school’s dedicated rep will keep you informed about the progress of our ScholarNet update.
  • We’ll give you a sneak peek here into ScholarNet’s changed look – stay tuned.
  • Our expert Care Team is available to answer questions about how things may change.
  • We’ll offer webinars to familiarize you with the updated ScholarNet when it’s available.

We’re excited to introduce you, our ScholarNet friends, to our spring update: With it, you’ll see how customer-friendly meets user-friendly.

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