Crazy Busy? Manage Changes and Disbursements Easily

ScholarNet Blog Articles | January 8, 2019

Don’t Stress: Just Put ScholarNet to Work Managing Things

The first few weeks of the spring semester can feel pretty hectic, knowing you have so many students and families relying on you to correctly disburse the correct funds needed to keep students in school. Days are busy, nerves are frazzled—and more than a few of us may feel hangry as we struggle with our New Year’s resolution to eat healthy.

If you’re using ScholarNet® to automate and manage the exchange of data and disbursement of funds, then you’ve made a good decision. Give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back for having the foresight to prepare for the chaos of disbursement season. If you’re not, here are some things you could enjoy if you started using ScholarNet.

Reports and SmartSearches

ScholarNet’s smart, smooth automation helps keep the emotion out of the disbursement process by giving you easy-to-use reports that help you see what funds are coming in for each student from various private lenders. No matter how much you prepare, you may have forgotten to cancel a disbursement for an ineligible student—or may find yourself screening questions from frantic families about where their funds are. Use ScholarNet to effortlessly return funds or look up expected disbursement dates with ease.

You can quickly and easily set up customized, on-demand reports to track certain groups of students with ScholarNet. The innovative technology and user-friendly experience SmartSearches provide help you find changes that haven’t completed processing.

Now is when you want to use ScholarNet’s reports and SmartSearch capabilities to verify the funds you have coming in, easily make changes or cancellations, confirm those changes, and prevent unwanted disbursements. This saves you and your students time and hassle, both now and later by smartly and swiftly managing the accurate flow of funds.

Looking for Other Resources?

If you’re a ScholarNet user who has questions about how to put SmartSearches or reports to work for you during this busy time of year, don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated ScholarNet representative. That’s what our team is here for. They know financial aid and they know ScholarNet—and they’re focused solely on helping you use ScholarNet more efficiently. They’re also a fun and interesting bunch of people who want to help you navigate your semester smoothly, from start to finish.

And if you’re not using ScholarNet? You should definitely contact our team to learn more and get started!

Share Your Tips

Whether you use ScholarNet or not, if you have tips or tricks for working smarter and faster during this busy disbursement season, share them here with your peers. That’s why we built MyScholarNet as a forum and a resource. Connect with us on LinkedIn, and share your ideas with us there, too. We’re all in this together—and together, we’re stronger than we are alone!

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