Looking for Financial Aid News? Check Out These Sources

ScholarNet Blog Articles | August 10, 2021

Our team of experts knows how crucial it is to stay up on financial aid news, so we compiled a list of our favorite sources here.

While our specialty of private loan processing is just one part of your day, our team has worked with financial aid professionals for decades – and many of them have worked in a financial aid office. Knowing firsthand how important it is to stay on top of the latest financial aid news in a rapidly changing industry, we compiled a list of sources for articles, blogs, and social media accounts that we rely on to help stay in the know.

News Articles and Blogs

The Department of Education blog is generally more focused on K-12 education, but you can sign up to receive news about post-secondary topics. Federal Student Aid offers a What’s New page that links to electronic announcements and Dear Colleague letters from the Department of Education.

For other, non-government sources of news articles and blogs covering topics pertaining to financial aid professionals, check out these sources.

If you’re not already doing so, consider using (and sharing) these helpful resources with your students and families.

Social Media

Follow key social media channels and it will be easier to stay up with the latest financial aid-related news. Federal Student Aid’s social media channels, in particular, provide many useful videos, resources, and content you may want to use or share with your students and families.

Share Your Ideas – Let’s Talk

While our team is here to make private loan processing the easiest part of your day, we have the knowledge and expertise to understand other financial aid challenges you face – and we stay current on news in the field. What other news sources do you use? We’d love to hear them and discuss trends with you. If you don’t already receive our monthly newsletter MyScholarNews, you can sign up to receive it – and join us on LinkedIn.

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