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ScholarNet Blog Articles | April 20, 2021

With so much financial aid experience on the ScholarNet team, we picked the brains of some of our experts to see how they stay ahead of the curve in financial aid.

With more than 100 combined years of financial aid experience, the ScholarNet team has seen and handled pretty much everything. Hundreds of schools and lenders have joined ScholarNet for our innovative technology and technical expertise – and stayed for the outstanding client service provided by our team.

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with some members of the team and reflect on some of the important learning experiences they’ve gained over the course of their careers. In addition, we also discussed how they stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of financial aid. Here’s what they had to share.

Carin Kruger, Regional Vice President – 24 years in financial aid

My first years in financial aid were spent on the lender side, talking to students about paying for college and helping them apply for federal loans and alternative loans. After that, I spent five years in client services and 15 years as a sales representative.

I learned so much in my years in client services that helps in my position today. From the loan application process, disbursement process, running reports, and researching accounts and schools, it all benefited me in my new position. From my years as a sales representative, I built strong relationships at many schools throughout the Midwest and gained trust from everyone whom I have worked with.

I also feel it’s important to be involved in each of the state associations and get involved with their Listservs. The schools share quite a bit of information about the industry and what’s going on within their state on these Listservs, so it’s helpful to be in the loop on what’s happening across different schools and situations.

Amy Gerber, Regional Vice President – 25 years in financial aid

Prior to joining ScholarNet 15 years ago, I worked in a financial aid office for 10 years. I learned a lot during this time, starting as an entry-level financial aid assistant and eventually moving up to the associate director level with experience at three very different schools.

Thanks to this unique experience, I understand the financial aid process holistically and can relate to what our school customers are dealing with at different times of the year. I understand their needs and how many directions they’re being pulled in, and I know what it’s like working with students and the challenges that come with that.

We stay up to date in financial aid by attending association conferences so we’re aware of any new regulations and issues impacting schools. We also read industry news, like NASFAA news, and speak with our school customers on a regular basis about what is happening on campus, and challenges they are facing in the financial aid office.

Biz Daniel, Regional Vice President – 28 years in financial aid

In this rapidly changing environment, I have found that multitasking is not the answer, as it used to be. Now more than ever, I find that to be successful and accomplish my goals as a marketing representative, I have to be present and focused on each task, each conversation, each email response, and each activity that I’m performing at that time.

That sounds simple to do, but it’s not. With the world of electronics and the expectation of being available to everyone all the time, it’s easy to struggle with constant interruptions in performing your duties. Focusing on compartmentalization is how I stay present.

From answering questions to helping you solve problems, ScholarNet is here to support you and your private loan processing. If there’s something you need, just contact the experts on the ScholarNet team.

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