The NEW FastChoice

Modern Layout + More Customization Options

Even the best things can benefit from an occasional refresh. That’s why we’ve launched a new, enhanced version of FastChoice to provide a fresh, modern layout and flexible integration with a school’s existing website design.

No action is required on the part of schools. If a current school chooses not to use the new customization options, then banners at the top and bottom of the page will default to the previously-selected school color and the FastChoice header will default to a light neutral.

You can access additional support materials, including the FastChoice Configuration Tool Guide, by logging in to Support Central. If you have any questions or would like assistance with setting up the new FastChoice options, please contact your ScholarNet representative.

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What's Changed

Customization for ABC University showing colors and logos

New Customization Options

Schools now have the option to further customize page banners and colors to allow students to view the FastChoice experience as a part of their school’s website, and not as content supplied by an outside partner.

  • Settings can be adjusted to have your school’s preferred color appear at the top and bottom of pages
  • We’ve softened and/or removed previous colors and introduced more blue and gray tones
  • FastChoice branding has been minimized (made smaller and appears only at the bottom of the page)
User experience screen showing how much to borrow with chart on interest rate

Improved User Experience

With a fresh, modern layout and flexible integration with existing website design, FastChoice provides a seamless experience for students.

  • We’ve unveiled the type of modern web design students have come to expect in their digital experiences
  • FastChoice now has a cleaner look with more white space and a more natural flow of content