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ScholarNet Blog Articles | January 29, 2019

ScholarNet: Over 20 Years and Going Strong

ScholarNet began in 1998, and we’re going stronger than ever today. In a world where so many things change, what’s behind ScholarNet’s staying power?

You have a dedicated ScholarNet representative and a veteran Care Team supporting your use of ScholarNet and FastChoice. Add those two things to a feature-rich and highly dependable suite of products, and you have the winning combination for many years of success.

We’re Not Going Anywhere

In fact, it’s quite simple. In the world of financial aid and private loan processing—where things change constantly—one thing is true.

Financial aid professionals and lending partners who try ScholarNet and FastChoice rarely leave us for a competitor.

Why is that?

  • We’re innovative. Automation of data management and disbursement is essential to an efficient private loan process. Powered by Great Lakes, ScholarNet uses technology to ensure a smooth, secure process. Our technology teams work with operational, Care Team, sales, and marketing folks to gather feedback and evolve our solutions to create a positive user experience.
  • We’re experienced. We’ve been working in a heavily regulated industry with highly sensitive information for decades and, because we know what we’re doing, we’re able to avoid compliance and security issues. We protect all of the data used in our FastChoice and ScholarNet solutions, segregating data to protect each school and lender so they have access only to what they need to do their job. Our teams only have access to data they need to support your use of these solutions, too.
  • We’re fair. We value all of our customers, and we’re committed to lender neutrality. This means all custom data is highly secure, and we provide the same high level of service to all parties involved in private loan processing. For example:
    • Lenders make schools eligible for loan programs and write content they display in FastChoice.
    • School users choose to scope any of the eligible lenders and loan programs they want made available to their students.
  • We offer flexibility. We know one size just doesn’t fit all when it comes to the way you process private loans. That’s why we make so many aspects of our solutions customizable. You can set them up to work the way you do.
  • We provide superior customer support. We don’t wait for you to have problems. We reach out proactively to find out how we can make tweaks that will help you function more efficiently. We’ll hop on a phone call, send you an email about upcoming changes, and we’re even building this MyScholarNet community because we truly care about what matters to our customers.

Ever Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the ScholarNet team. That’s what we’re here for. (And we’re not going anywhere!)

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