Webinars Offer Expertise and a Forum With Other Users  

ScholarNet Blog Articles | September 1, 2020

Attend our webinars to learn how best to use ScholarNet or FastChoice features, and join a forum to share knowledge with other users. 

At ScholarNet, we strive to make it easy to set up student loan payment (or processing) solutions so that, however your financial office works, ScholarNet works with you. The goal is to make private student loan processing as automatic and seamless as possible for schools and lenders, but we know how quickly things can change in financial aid. That’s why our representatives make it priority number one to help answer any questions, and check in regularly to tweak the processing solutions to your liking.  

You can contact your representative and reach out to our Care Team at any time by emailing CareTeam@myscholarnet.com or calling 888.686.6919. Another great way to brush up on your ScholarNet and FastChoice knowledge is by attending our weekly educational webinars. These webinars serve as a source of education for product features and functionality, as well as a forum to share common knowledge and challenges that will help make us all better in the realm of education financing. 

The ScholarNet webinars will run through any and all features, including SmartSearch to find specific information for students or their loans and help certify them. The sessions also cover the import and export tools that will help you use ScholarNet as a conduit to manage incoming requests and records, along with outgoing applications and disbursements. These are just a few of the financial aid topics covered, and our hosts are happy to run through any additional tools or features you may be curious about. 

The FastChoice webinar covers student loan selection functionality so you can easily customize education loan options for your students in a clearconsistent way that makes it easy for them to select – and still meets your school needs. Learn about the flexible functionality of our lender lists, and how to implement education features so students will know more about finances before choosing a private loan option. 

Beyond an in-depth look at features and functionality, these webinars are a great opportunity to share education resources and solutions relating to financial aid, and ask any lingering questions on your mind. For instance, one of the most common questions is “Does ScholarNet work with all lenders?” (If youre curious, yes – we work with all CommonLine compliant lenders.)  

Webinars are held weekly on either Tuesday or Thursdayand range from 60 to 90 minutes. To registerselect the webinar you’d like to attend, click “Register Now”, enter your information, and then wait for a confirmation email with a link you can follow to join the webinar. Wed love for you to join us and hope to hear from you soon. 

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