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Thank you, Lenders!

ScholarNet Blog Articles | November 6, 2018

Thank You, Lenders!

Our customers are at the core of everything we do. We can’t thank you enough for partnering with us, but we can continue our commitment to providing you with low-cost, high-quality support services and operations to best serve you, students, and schools. Here are just a few of the ways we’re honoring that commitment.

Commitment to Service

Our dedication to serving you is nothing new. We’ve been delivering successful loan processing solutions since 1999, and those solutions are backed by the best in the business. Our ScholarNet team members have a depth of knowledge in private loan processing and customer service, and they’re excited to share their experience with you every step of the way.

Commitment to Lender Neutrality

The ScholarNet suite of products plays a very important role in private loan processes used by our school and lender customers—and we strongly believe in providing the same high level of service to all parties. Great Lakes remains committed to providing lender-neutral solutions to help you expedite private loan processing.

As a servicer and guarantor of federal loans, Great Lakes’ ScholarNet suite benefits from our team’s experience working in a heavily-regulated industry with highly sensitive information. We take a great deal of pride in remaining compliant and protecting the interests of all of our various customers, with all of our products, solutions, and services.

Commitment to Helping Schools

Helping you process loans more effectively is why we’re here. We’ve made it our mission to help you automate the online exchange of private loan application and disbursement data with schools. We also provide our legendary support to the schools you work with so that together, we can connect and deliver a streamlined financial aid experience for everyone involved.

Each day, we’re looking for new ways to strengthen our commitment to providing you the very best in private loan processing solutions. We appreciate your vital experience and role in the private loan process and helping students and their families pay for higher education—and we appreciate it even more when you share with us! Reach out to your Great Lakes representative to tell us more about your thoughts, ideas, or questions.

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