ScholarNet’s Spring Update is Right Around the Corner

ScholarNet Blog Articles | March 9, 2021

Our spring 2021 update of ScholarNet is bringing an improved workflow to schools soon. Learn how we’re supporting it.

This winter brought unexpected severe weather for nearly all parts of the country and a continuation of COVID alerts, regulatory changes, hybrid learning, and social distancing. It was especially important this winter to find something to look forward to and be excited about – something to get you through until spring.

For our team, one of those things was our spring 2021 update of ScholarNet. Now that spring is just around the corner, so is the unveiling of our ScholarNet update.

The revamping of ScholarNet has been a large undertaking. It shows our commitment to the industry, and to helping our school and lender customers process private student loans as easily and efficiently as possible. To make sure we made changes that will give you a more user-friendly experience, we:

  • Conducted user surveys to identify data and features you use most to accomplish your daily tasks.
  • Incorporated user feedback to provide a more user-friendly certification workflow.
  • Conducted user testing during development to make sure we’re on the right track with our changes.

We’re also giving ScholarNet a fresh look, but don’t worry – we’re retaining all of ScholarNet’s functionality, and features such as useful reports, helpful email notifications, and various options for automated processing to fit your institution’s needs.


What’s Next?

We invite you to reach out to your dedicated rep with your questions about the new ScholarNet at any time. But we’ll also be in touch to provide a go-live date when the new update is happening. As always, our expert Care Team is always available to answer your questions and provide support for ScholarNet. Plus, webinars will provide a place for you and your peers to interact with one of our reps as we go over changes to ScholarNet. In those interactive sessions, you may even get a few new ideas from your peers about ways to use ScholarNet more effectively.

That’s because at ScholarNet, we’re a community – working together to make private loan processing the easiest part of your day. Simplifying private loan processing for you has been our goal more than 20 years – and it’s about to get even easier, now that spring is almost here.

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