Our ScholarNet Update Has Positively Impacted Customers

ScholarNet Blog Articles | July 27, 2021

One user was quoted saying “Job well done!” about our ScholarNet update. We received real, positive feedback from other customers, too.

It’s been a few months since we released the updated ScholarNet®, and we’ve received positive and specific feedback about how it simplifies private loan processing and saves more time than ever in the financial aid office. Hear what our customers have to say. Maybe you’ll be inspired to share your own thoughts.

Recent Customer Feedback

Alyx Hildreth, educational loan counselor at Wingate University (N.C), said, “It’s more organized and easily accessible. I love the ‘favorited’ searches, etc.” Alyx said her favorite aspect of the tool’s changes is that “…the overall layout is much easier to navigate aesthetically.” She added that that the update is “Working well so far! Thanks for the help!”

A couple hours east, Angela Stone, Direct loan coordinator at Campbell University (N.C.), offered her opinion on the changes to ScholarNet. “The ScholarNet update makes it much easier to make changes to loan records.” She also appreciated that “[It’s] easier to customize the information you’re looking for with the search feature.” Her overall assessment? “Job well done!”

ScholarNet: Built on User Feedback

ScholarNet is a proven, successful private loan certification and disbursement tool that started when the internet was still in its adolescence. The solution has evolved to meet customer needs because we conduct user testing and take user feedback into account. Do you have feedback to share? Whether it’s a glowing review or suggestions for improvement, we always want to hear from you. Take a few minutes to share your feedback here and let us know your thoughts on the ScholarNet update.

Learn More

If you’re not using a solution to automate private loan processing, or you’re using a competitor and haven’t checked out ScholarNet recently, now is a great time to do so. Find your rep and reach out for a demo or talk through the many ways you can use ScholarNet to save time and simplify private loan processing for your campus.


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