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ScholarNet Blog Articles | July 25, 2018

Private loan processing—and working in financial aid—takes effective solutions and a seamless network to get things done quickly, correctly, and with the limited resources you have available.

A Forum for You is a place where we—and you and your colleagues—share resources that help us all work together better for the students we serve.

Success Stories and Case Studies

Hearing about the experiences of others helps us find new and creative ways of doing things. You’ll find case studies and success stories such as one Jessica Ott of Louisiana State University shared with her representative.

How-To Tips

People who use our solutions to manage private loan selection, certification, and disbursement know how they can best be used to help manage the tasks you need to accomplish on a daily basis. You’ll find tips here that can save you time, help you juggle your duties with grace, and free you up to tackle other work. For example, see 5 Tips for Working With Stressed Borrowers.

Thought Leadership Posts

People with knowledge in new areas that impact the world of financial aid can inspire and motivate us to learn more, do things better, and drive our industry forward. We have them, you have them at your institution, or you know these people. We welcome guest bloggers and other movers and shakers in the world of financial aid to share their knowledge here. Send your topic ideas, blog suggestions, and posts to us at

Social and Digital Media Tips and Sharing

Renola Swoboda, our senior social media strategist, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to digital and social media. We love sharing her tips here for using new technology at your institution and for your personal use. When you’re using social media, look for Renola’s work where we’re starting up our social media channels.

Sharing what you’ve learned about education finance with others extends our helpful reach. We encourage you to share the resources you feel are most important and relevant with others through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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