Lisa’s Care Team Workday

ScholarNet Blog Articles | January 28, 2020

Lisa’s Care Team Workday 2019

With 16 years working in Care Team, Lisa Valentine knows the ins and outs of these solutions like the back of her hand. With the exception of their ScholarNet sales representative, Lisa is the main contact for some of the largest customers who use ScholarNet – and on a daily basis, she can expect to receive emails or phone calls from many of them.

In fact, in addition to working her own personal email mailbox, Lisa works five other mailboxes each day. She has a personal phone line as well as being available to take Care Team calls throughout the day. She’s available to provide assistance in numerous ways, but they all add up to extraordinary Care Team. In fact, we can spell out for you just how she does it.


Customer Relations Mailbox – Through this internal mailbox, Lisa receives Notifications of Welcome emails and customer access changes, including expirations. She researches them to see if the individual is a primary contact for ScholarNet or FastChoice and determines whether access needs to be restored or contact information needs updating. She also makes manual changes to ScholarNet files that come through this mailbox.


Understands Users of ScholarNet Solutions – Lisa knows and anticipates the types of questions ScholarNet and FastChoice users have, what shortcuts and tricks may work for them, and how to help them easily resolve issues. She can work quickly and with great empathy because she knows how lenders and schools use these solutions and what they need to work efficiently.


SupportCRM Support Mailbox – Our Care Team and sales teams share a customer relationship management system (Dynamics) that needs to be maintained and supported so that we have accurate information about our customers. Lisa receives a daily report that indicates new schools that need to be added to Dynamics, and updates information on setup requests or changes in the system.


Testing CommonLine Files – Lisa gathers information and works with loan originators and schools with testing CommonLine files so these customers can be set up for production. She sets up the testing environment for the customers, and works with Application and Communication Development to set up the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) that allows data to transmit securely. She then sets up production once testing has been successfully completed.


Ongoing Support – Chances are good Lisa may be in the middle of a call or responding to an email while she gets another more urgent request. Her job requires excellent prioritization and the ability to provide ongoing support while she juggles a variety of priorities – all while keeping external and internal customers happy.


Meetings with Mike Mutziger – Vice President, Marketing & Sales Mike Mutziger knows what’s going on in the field with schools and lenders, and keeps things at ScholarNet running smoothly. Lisa’s regular meetings with Mike provide valuable insight she can use in providing Care Team.


Expected Product Setups – Lisa monitors the CLS Setup Request mailbox, which receives the expected product setup requests for schools and lenders and quality controls for these product setups.


ReviewInternal Review Mailbox – When a school needs to correct their refund requests, Funds Management sends an email to this mailbox with a request that the ScholarNet records be unlocked so that the school may make corrections. Lisa is one of the people who handles these requests, along with the escalated emails and calls that come to this mailbox.


Clear Communication – Whether used in communicating via email or on the phone, Lisa’s expert communication skills – like those possessed by the rest of the Care Team team – are second to none. Keeping things running smoothly depends on clear communication with internal and external customers. Lisa’s got this, in spades.


Alerts – The Product Notifications mailbox is another mailbox that Lisa monitors. The notifications and alerts sent to ScholarNet users to save them time are also copied to this mailbox. Some schools and lenders rely on the Care Team team to interpret the errors and then email that interpretation to them. Typical alerts include: alerts for incomplete or rejected Imports from Schools; emails for Received files from lenders with errors; alerts for invalid files from lenders; and alerts for inactive ScholarNet schools from lenders. There are also FastChoice changes we need to review to be sure they are valid and don’t contain errors.


Reports – As ScholarNet users know, excellent reporting is a key feature of what makes ScholarNet special. Reporting is also important internally. Lisa collects important ScholarNet, FastChoice, and disbursement data for reports that are shared on a monthly basis with executives. This reporting helps us identify overall trends in usage and with disbursements.


Expert Help at Expected Times – The best support comes from knowing you can reach an expert when you need one. Clearly, Lisa qualifies as an expert, and she’s not alone in Care Team in having a vast amount of experience. This team is dedicated to helping you succeed.

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