How to Talk to Your Leadership about ScholarNet  

ScholarNet Blog Articles | February 11, 2020

How to Talk to Your Leadership about ScholarNet

If you’ve seen a demonstration or used ScholarNet at a previous job and are eager to put it into action on your campus, but you can’t seem to make the change happen, we understand your challenge. And we can help!

Who on your campus chooses whether your campus uses ScholarNet or another solution to streamline certification and disbursement of private loans – or even no electronic solution at all? And how can you convince those people that making the change to ScholarNet is well worth it? Here are a few ideas.

Show Them Why ScholarNet Users are Loyal

It’s a fact: ScholarNet users are loyal. When financial aid professionals change jobs, they expect to see ScholarNet in use at the new school and find themselves surprised and ready to make the change when it’s not already there.

ScholarNet users know our user-friendly solution solves problems and saves time for financial aid professionals and lenders who use them. Ask your decision-makers to read case studies about our ScholarNet users’ experiences.

Clemson University will tell them how ScholarNet helps them deliver faster service to students. Financial aid professionals at Whitworth University and Texas Tech praise ScholarNet’s customer service and ease of use. At Louisiana State University, they’ll tell you about ScholarNet’s speed, simplification of private loan processing, and time savings.

Show Them How Simple Making the Change Is

At the University of Pittsburgh, ScholarNet converts will tell you that making the change was simple – and the net benefits were amazing customer service, measurable time savings and fewer backlogs, streamlined and easier private loan processing, greater reporting functionality, handy alerts and notifications, and better file transmission.

Mike Mutziger, ScholarNet’s Vice President, Marketing and Sales, compares making the change to ScholarNet to changing your personal banking account: “Once you get all your payments and everything automated, you’re all set. It’s a matter of a few minutes making those changes in order to get the benefits of making the switch.”

The ScholarNet Care Team and reps are the ones who do most of the work of setting up notifications that will save you time later on. Your IT people and financial aid staff will have very little to do to get things set up, Mike adds.

Show Them How Easy Working with ScholarNet is

With set-up that can be completed in a matter of days, your staff will be up and running with ScholarNet soon. Because it’s so user-friendly and intuitive, you’ll find there’s not much of a learning curve.

The ScholarNet team will be involved with getting you set up and started using ScholarNet, and you’ll be able to contact them any time you have questions. They have years – even decades – of industry knowledge, and already know many of you who work in financial aid. We do offer free webinar trainings on ScholarNet (and FastChoice, too) so if you want to meet with other users and make sure you’re using all of ScholarNet’s capabilities you can.

Tell Us about Your Experience Changing to ScholarNet

We know change can be challenging. But when it results in so many positives, it makes sense to make the change sooner rather than later. Paying it forward comes in all forms. If you’ve got a positive story to share about changing to ScholarNet that may help someone else find a way to make the change, we want to hear from you. Comment here or contact your rep today!

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