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FastChoice Makes Loan Selection Easy for Students (and You)

ScholarNet Blog Articles | December 18, 2018

FastChoice Makes Loan Selection Easy for Students (and You)

Many students face a funding gap between educational costs and the federal funding they receive. Helping them find quality, flexible loans to help them complete their education is an important role served by the school financial aid office and private education lenders.

That’s why FastChoice has been a go-to solution for the lenders and thousands of schools that have used it since 2008. We’ll go so far as to say your students need it because:

  1. It provides accurate loan program details, with lenders writing the loan information themselves.
  2. It’s a user-friendly, school-branded website they can trust.
  3. The easy-to-compare format reduces hassle and makes it easy for students to consider and select options.
  4. Depending on your students’ knowledge of financial literacy topics, you can customize the flow of FastChoice to help educate borrowers on loans, credit, budgeting, etc.—or not. You can even choose the topics you know they most need and leave out others.

We suggest FastChoice as the best solution to our school customers because:

  1. You need a lender-neutral tool that allows lenders you select to write their own loan program information in a standard, clear format that’s easy for you to scope for various student groups.
  2. You can brand the FastChoice experience to match your school logo and colors, eliminating confusion and providing a consistent, user-friendly experience for your students.
  3. You need to provide a loan disclosure. We make it easy for you to include standard options or choose to customize the disclosure students see when they select private lenders and programs.
  4. You may offer a preferred or a historical lender list. FastChoice accommodates either!
  5. You can easily create customized lists for specific school needs (e.g., medical, law, or other student populations).
  6. Your current and exiting students need help understanding finances, loans, repayment, budgeting, credit, etc. FastChoice addresses both current students and/or those entering repayment, depending on what you need.


“Clicking the Repayment Essentials link on our Loan Information page helps our exiting students with private loans transition to repayment, learn about consolidation options, and even be on the alert for potential predatory scams.”

– Jen Sassman, Financial Aid Director, Wartburg College

“Our transition to these Great Lakes products could not have went smoother! I cannot say enough about how attentive, supportive, and thorough our Great Lakes Support Team has been during and after our implementation!”

– Stacy Briggs, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, Clemson University


It’s easy for us to say all of the reasons why FastChoice is the best loan selection solution for you and your students. But you don’t have to take it from us. If you use FastChoice, what is your favorite thing about it? Comment here or share on LinkedIn. We (and your peers) want to know!

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