FastChoice Lender Display is Being Enhanced to Better Meet User Needs

ScholarNet Blog Articles | January 21, 2020

We’re Making Lender Selection Better for Students Who Use FastChoice

FastChoice and ScholarNet are used by schools and lenders who tend to be very loyal to them. One key reason is that, like all the best technology solutions, these solutions are enhanced frequently to take into account how to be better and do better for the people who use them.

Students use FastChoice when they need private loans to help them pay for their education. It’s a valuable tool as they learn about private lenders and the loan programs they offer. Since students’ knowledge of loans can be somewhat to very limited, the way lenders are presented in FastChoice can have a huge impact on helping students to choose wisely. We knew we wanted to make changes to lender presentation in FastChoice, so we thought gathering feedback from students was a great way to make sure we addressed their needs.

What’s Changing?

We asked people who have student loans what information they found most important and useful in order to help us make FastChoice a more effective and easier-to-use tool for students. What we heard led us to believe that being able to easily see and compare lenders and loan programs matters. Based on survey feedback we received, our designers added new functionality to allow users to filter lenders and loan programs by criteria such as loan term, loan rate, fixed or variable rate, and length of grace period.

While we were making enhancements, we also took the opportunity to update the FastChoice design to current trends, which we think users will appreciate. Watch for these changes to FastChoice to be unveiled in upcoming weeks!

Intrigued by FastChoice?

We’re not surprised. If you’re not familiar with it, or haven’t checked out FastChoice lately, take a look and see all the great things it can do. Besides helping your students easily select from private lenders and loan programs your school recommends to them, you have the option of customizing your loan disclosures. This flexible solution also provides you with interactive online private loan education flows that are easy for your students to understand. You decide which sections of the content (within Borrowing Essentials, for your current students; or within Repayment Essentials, for your past students) will help your students learn about their loans, borrower smarter, budget more wisely, and succeed in repayment.

Learn More

While your rep will be reaching out to all ScholarNet and FastChoice customers over the course of the next few months for our annual private loan processing checkups, if you have a question about how you can more effectively use these solutions, don’t wait. Register for a free FastChoice webinar, call up your ScholarNet rep today – or pose a question to your colleagues here with a comment or on our LinkedIn channel. That’s what our community is for.

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