A Day in the Life with the ScholarNet Care Team  

ScholarNet Blog Articles | August 24, 2021

Think you know your colleagues well? So do members of the ScholarNet Care Team. That’s how they complement one another and work so well as a team.  

Each school and lender using ScholarNet or FastChoice has a dedicated representative who works with them. But ScholarNet is also supported by a veteran Care Team with extensive knowledge of our solutions. Care Team members know each other well and complement each other’s strengths. Learn more about them and the support they provide for our private loan processing solutions. 

Knowledgeable Experts

The Care Team experts who assist you and answer your questions about ScholarNet are well-qualified to do so. In fact, a couple of Care Team members have been working with our solutions since floppy discs were in use and ScholarNet was still called ‘Scholar’ – as in, before the solution was web-based. The newest Care Team member has nine years of experience working with ScholarNet. That means the chances you’ll pose a question about the product the team can’t answer are next to none. 

It goes without saying that team members with that sort of longevity working with ScholarNet have gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the lenders and financial aid professionals who use it.  

Unique Roles on the Team

Care Team member Jenny Kaluva has specialized experience that she’s refined over the years to resolve issues – and she says she works very quickly so nothing is outstanding for very long. Lisa Valentine is the main individual on the team to conduct tests with lenders before they begin using ScholarNet and with schools that move to the automated process. Cyndi Schmitz is first in line for customer calls and emails – and proactively contacts customers in regard to ScholarNet alerts.  

Favorite Parts of the Day

Cyndi enjoys “…the aha moments. Whether that is learning something new about why we do what we do or  learning ScholarNet does this because of that – or even learning from customers and the processes they do that are different than other schools.” The job brings a variety of challenges and the opportunity to build relationships. Lisa loves “…working with all our customers, catching up with them, and helping them with questions and concerns they have for the day.”  

What Would Surprise Our Customers?

Our Care Team handles questions so adeptly that Jenny thinks customers may be surprised at the diverse things each member does. For example, “That I troubleshoot from multiple angles and points of view with all the ScholarNet suite products and also configure all of them. I also assist with onboarding and testing of new customers,” she adds. Cyndi thinks our customers have worked with us long enough to know that there aren’t really any surprises – that we’re a phone call away and ready to help them in any way, whenever needed. 

If Wishes Were Possible…

Lisa wishes she could go on school visits so she could meet ScholarNet customers in person. (Join the rest of us in wanting more in-person contact these days, Lisa!) Our Care Team has always been expert at guiding customers through the set-up process via phone and email, and it served us well during the pandemic and beyond.  

Cyndi says, “No different than in other areas of life, sometimes you think, ‘Oh, it would be so much easier if I could just fix this for them instead of sending an email or making a call.’ But, in the long run, we know it’s in everyone’s best interest to make the customer aware of how to correct something to hopefully prevent it from happening again.” There’s no one better than our veteran team to know the possible issues you may encounter, help you navigate around them, and easily resolve minor questions for you.  

Describe the People You Work With

Remarkably, when asked to describe their colleagues in a single word, there was close agreement on defining characteristics. Lisa’s knowledge and aptitude were called out, Cyndi’s friendly, amiable personality came to the forefront, and Jenny was described as unwavering and expeditious. Manager Gwen Yancey’s proficiency and meticulous way of managing the team were mentioned as key traits. The word dedicated came up repeatedly with all the team members.  

What does this tell us about the Care Team as a group? First, the fact that there was so much alignment in their descriptions means they know each other well. In the big picture, though, it means that ScholarNet customers have a well-balanced team of experts with a variety of personal strengths and capabilities to rely on for support with our solutions.  

It All Leads to Customer Loyalty

A smart, user-friendly technology solution that saves you time with private loan processing is something you might expect. Having a dedicated representative plus a caring, veteran team of experts there to handle any question or issue you have may be more than you thought possible? It’s not – and that’s why we have such loyal customers. Contact your rep to learn more about becoming one yourself.  

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