Change Your Browser to Optimize ScholarNet (and More)

ScholarNet Blog Articles | May 4, 2021

Changing your browser from Internet Explorer 11 to a more modern browser is a simple way to optimize ScholarNet and other apps.

If the new ScholarNet® update doesn’t look quite right to you, it’s likely you’re using Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) as your browser. That’s right – it’s not an issue with ScholarNet. IE 11 has been around since 2013, and in technology years, that’s forever.

In fall of 2020, Microsoft began transitioning their Microsoft 365 subscribers to the idea that Microsoft Edge offers more innovative online experiences than IE 11, and that they’ll be better served by switching to Microsoft Edge before August 17, 2021. We should note that, while customers with business-critical investments in IE 11 legacy apps may be concerned, they shouldn’t be. Microsoft Edge is designed to allow customers to use two different tabs (one for all modern apps, and an IE mode for legacy IE 11 apps) to access everything they need in one browser.

Make the Change to Another Browser

If you feel ScholarNet just doesn’t look quite right since we updated it on April 12, check your browser. If you’re using IE 11, chances are good there are other apps you’re using that could look and work better than they are, too. You’ll have a better experience if you make the switch now over to another browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge before Microsoft stops supporting IE 11 in August.

Some users may have Microsoft Edge Legacy as their preferred browser. Microsoft ended support for the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app on March 9, 2021, and the app is no longer receiving new security updates. Their recommendation is to switch to Microsoft Edge for the best experience and support for accessing Microsoft 365 apps and services.

We don’t recommend one browser over another, but we do suggest you’ll have a better experience using ScholarNet when you switch from IE 11 to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge as your browser.

Have Questions or Need Help With ScholarNet?

Changing your browser may not answer all your questions about the updated ScholarNet. We recommend checking out a ScholarNet Features and Functionality webinar to get help from a rep and your peers – or contacting your dedicated representative directly. You can also rely on our Care Team to know the answers.

We’re here to help you work quickly and effectively – with the best experience possible.

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