ScholarNet in 2021: By the Numbers

ScholarNet Blog Articles | December 14, 2021

As 2022 begins, the ScholarNet team looks back on the many successes of 2021 – by the numbers.

With the year winding down, we reflect on how 2021 played out. As more people returned to the office and campus – and many stayed working and learning virtually – 2021 was a year of adaptation and change. While we could only do so much to help you with all of the modifications you needed to make, the ScholarNet team offered our usual steadfast support with time-saving private loan processing solutions.

Let’s look at the year in numbers, and see what else ScholarNet has shared with you.


Spring update to ScholarNet®, our private loan certification and disbursement solution. Based on user feedback, we developed an enhanced user experience using an intuitive design and more streamlined functionality. The end result was that we heard from many of our customers about how our update positively impacted them – but we welcome your feedback, too. Please reach out to your rep and let her know your thoughts about the update.


The number of new free webinars we added this year. One new session focused on how to effectively use the ScholarNet enhancements, one explored how to use the import/export feature(s) of ScholarNet, and the last one walked through how to use on-demand and subscription reporting functionality of our solutions. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and you’ll always hear about new opportunities for free training.


New monthly Product Spotlights features. In September, we started creating these short blogs to provide you with tips for effectively using ScholarNet or FastChoice. Share your feedback and let us know if you find these helpful – or contact your rep if you have a handy tip you’d like us to share.


The number of ScholarNet team members or teams spotlighted in this year’s blog posts. From Care Team members to designers to people who work behind the scenes to keep ScholarNet secure, we wanted you to get to know us better.


As a dynamic duo, ScholarNet and FastChoice will be 23 in ’22. We invite you to learn more about our roots, which go back to 1999, and who we are.


The total number of conferences we attended this year. With 18 of those being virtual conferences, we were limited in our ability to see you in person. As soon as we were able to safely attend in-person conferences, we were there, attending several in-person conferences. We enjoyed visiting with so many of you again in real life after seeing so few of you in 2020 and early 2021.


The number of blog posts we shared on ScholarNet Central in 2021, including this one. We try to provide a variety, from how-to blogs or those that provide financial aid resources to professional development topics to thought leadership pieces. Plus, we keep you updated on ScholarNet and FastChoice through our blogs.


The total number of webinars we hosted this year. Led by our ScholarNet reps, these free online webinars help you learn how to more efficiently use ScholarNet and FastChoice for private loan processing. Attended by current and prospective users, they’re a great chance for you to learn from each other. Learn more and join us for one in 2022.


The number of LinkedIn posts we’ve shared in our ScholarNet LinkedIn channel. If you haven’t been following us on LinkedIn, why not make a resolution to start in 2022? We’d love for you to find our ScholarNet group, and start joining the conversation.

Count On Us

With our user-friendly solutions, our vast expertise, and our deep drive to serve you well, our ScholarNet team sets out every day to simplify private loan processing: it’s our goal to reduce your stress and help you juggle less. You can count on two things in financial aid to be constant: Change is a part of the game, and our ScholarNet team will be here for you today and tomorrow (and next year), working to make your day a little easier.

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