10 Ways ScholarNet Helps Schools and Lenders

ScholarNet Blog Articles | September 7, 2021

ScholarNet simplifies private loan processing, today and every day – but how? We list 10 ways we’re here to help schools and lenders.

ScholarNet is more than a suite of private loan processing solutions. It’s a sure way to simplify the workday for school financial aid offices and private student loan providers. But it’s even more than that. So we started thinking about how ScholarNet is here to help you and came up with this top 10 list.

  1. ScholarNet® accepts CommonLine files from your financial aid management system and lets you use the optional Import/Export feature, simplifying loan certification and disbursement. Set up SmartSearches, receive error alerts, get notified of tasks, create audit trails – it all saves you time.
  2. FastChoice™ is a user-friendly loan comparison tool that also offers two optional components: an effective online student education and flexible legal disclosure components. Choose what you need, configure it to fit your needs – saving time for you and the lenders and students you work with.
  3. Our solutions are lender-neutral. This means our private loan processing solutions are provided through a secure connection, segregate data to protect business and personal data, and use care to provide the same high level of service to everyone: schools, lenders, and student loan borrowers.
  4. Our solutions are user-friendly because they’re improved using feedback customers provide to us firsthand. We know the best enhancements come from people who use a tool and know what’s needed to make it work better.
  5. Enjoy help from a veteran ScholarNet representative. Our reps have years of experience with ScholarNet in the double digits, so you’ll get help from someone who knows the tool backwards and forwards. Plus, your representative has worked in or with financial aid, so she understands that, too.
  6. Save time and hassle with an expert Care Team. Like our reps, many of our Care Team members have been around since ScholarNet and FastChoice started. They get you started and keep things running smoothly, anticipate and prevent issues for you, and easily walk you through any questions.
  7. Find help and support at conferences. You’ll find your rep at upcoming state and regional conferences you attend and can talk with us about how to use our solutions more efficiently and effectively. We’re there to answer any questions or concerns you have.
  8. Attend free webinars. Our ‘Features and Functionality’ webinars are free and frequently held. Whenever you have new staff start, they can sign up for a free webinar and quickly get up-to-speed on our solutions. Our reps walk them through using the tool and answer their questions.
  9. Get updated information and news. We explore topics in articles and blogs related to private student loans and financial aid, and provide product updates and useful resources. Check ScholarNet Central regularly or sign up for our monthly newsletter. Connect with us on LinkedIn and join the conversation.
  10. We care deeply about our customers’ needs. That shows through in our solutions and in the support we provide. Our customers value the great support we provide – and they reward it by remaining loyal to our solutions. (Not a ScholarNet customer? Reach out to your rep today.)

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